HubSku for Resellers

HubSku provides you with a Ready to Go online shop, under your branding, that you populate with your favourite products from suppliers that you know and love. You simply select the products you want to sell, we take care of the rest. 

How it works

  • We connect with suppliers and maintain a full database of their products and availability in hubsku
  • Once your shop is set up, you simply add the products you want to your shop – in just a few clicks
  • Your shop can be linked to a SHOP button on your Facebook page or website where your customers can visit it
  • When your customer buys from you, the payment is allocated automatically to you and the product supplier at the same time
  • The order is processed and delivered by the supplier
  • You are kept updated at all times on customer orders and deliveries

Why it works

  • You don’t need to worry about your product details, images or availability 
  • Your time is free to promote your shop – online and offline
  • You can add as many products as you want – more than you hold in stock
  • If you are not a retailer but are offering advice to your customers about products – you can make it easy for them by selling these products from your own online shop
  • Its affordable for everyone


  • Is the shop under my branding or my suppliers?  Answer
  • How do I get paid for products purchased through my shop? Answer
  • How many suppliers can I work with? Answer
  • How many products can I have in my shop? Answer
  • What happens if a product is out of stock? Answer
  • What happens if a customer wants to return a product? Answer
  • Who sets up the shop?Answer
  • How can I access the shop to make changes?Answer
  • What does it cost?Answer
  • How do I start? Answer


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